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Darcele Holley of the Holley Law Firm, P.C. in Houston, Texas focuses on the practice of family law, including adoptions, divorce, child custody, child support, modifications and enforcements. Since 1992, she has been helping families with family-related matters through the Houston Volunteer Lawyers of the Houston Bar Association, and currently in her own firm. She is dedicated to aggressively advocated for her clients and acting in their best interests. When you meet with Attorney Darcele Holley, expect to meet a professional with a friendly demeanor.

Family Law Services

In a divorce, there are always issues surrounding who gets what, including the kids. Whether it's a simple or complex divorce, Attorney Darcele Holley lets clients know all of their options. A collaborative divorce may be a good approach in a complex divorce. This type of divorce involves the attorneys on both sides working closely together to help clients reach an agreed settlement. Mediation is another option; this may be a good approach in assisting couples in focusing on the disputed issues and reaching an amicable agreement.

Attorney Darcele Holley listens carefully to her clients' individual circumstances and helps them choose the best approach. When alternative resolution methods don't work, a court trial may be the only option. If it comes to that, Attorney O. Darcele Holley meticulously prepares your case for a strong presentation before the trial judge or jury. She also assists with child modification and enforcement actions.


Adoption is a complex process, and Attorney Darcele Holley is an experienced attorney who can help you navigate the process. Each type of adoption is subject to different laws and jurisdiction-specific requirements. She assists with terminating the rights of biological parents, managing the transfer of parental rights, handling all the paperwork and takes care of court filings. Attorney Darcele Holley ensures that the adoption is legal and that the process runs smoothly.

If you're facing a family-related matter, turn to Attorney Darcele Holley and let her experience work for you.


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