Family Law

By The Holley Law Firm, P.C.


The adoption process is filled with potential pitfalls and problems, and the high level of emotion experienced by both the birth parents and the adoptive parents add to the challenge of this process. If you have chosen to grow your family through adoption, having a lawyer on your side is important to ensure that you follow all necessary legal protocols. Attorney Darcele Holley of The Holley Law Firm, P.C., has many years of experience helping families like yours walk through the adoption process.

Child Custody

Child custody cases in Texas are never cut and dry. Whether you are newly separated and looking to establish custody terms, have a custody arrangement in place that requires modification, or an order that needs to be changed to reflect a change in the parties' circumstances, Darcele Holley of The Holley Law Firm, P.C., is here to help you through the process.

Child Support

All aspects of divorce are difficult, but it can be particularly challenging to arrive at an agreement regarding child support. Whether you require a modification or assistance with initial child support arrangements, you can count on The Holley Law Firm, P.C. for compassionate and effective legal service. Reach out today to learn more about the services offered at this trusted Houston law firm -- and to discover how Darcele Holley can guide you through the most complicated aspects of the process.


Family law is always evolving and can be complex. Attorney Darcele Holley stays abreast of the new laws and helps clients navigate the legal process. If you're facing a divorce, turn to Attorney Darcele Holley for answers to your questions, knowledgeable legal advice and excellent representation. Let her experience work for you.

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